Spinal Decompression Therapy

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Spinal Decompression Therapy - What You Need to Know

Spinal Decompression Therapy is means of treating disc pain without surgery. There are no needles involved and you are not required to be unclothed. The treatment is promptly undertaken while you are fully dressed. This is highly beneficial process without the huge price tag. It is definitely cost effective that yields wonderful results.

One is able to easily gage when a person is dealing with either neck or back pain. Their complaints will include numbness with tingles brought on every now and then. The utilization of both upper and lower limbs increasingly diminishes. It is physically draining one is unable do a job, get to sleep or even perform basic activities.

In severe instances the Nucleus Pulposus which simply means central disc material smashes through the outer discs layers. This material then squeezes into the nerve spaces. The nerves are then compromised and because they travel all over the body you will surely experience excruciating pain.

Much controversy exists around the success rates of Spinal Decompression. Everyone is keen to know whether one can bypass a high priced surgical operation with a non-invasive one and produce successful results. The answer is a resounding yes but please note that everyone is different and results will vary depending on the individual’s specific case. It should be clearly understood what Spinal decompression does that is different from the treatment offered by chiropractors or use of physical therapy. Physical therapy uses traction to get results whilst traction is the by product of Spinal Decompression.
They apply traction in an attempt to get results but Spinal Decompression outputs traction from the procedure.

If you are one of the many discontented back pain suffers and you have done both drug and physical therapies that have not helped then you best shot is Spinal Decompression Therapy. Having to undergo surgery is frightening and nobody wants to do it unless it is absolutely imperative then thankfully there is an alternative for you. Don’t let your back pain wreak more havoc in your life when you can take the next step and get a consultation.

As with every medical procedure all the necessary tests needs to be done to find out what exactly is the problem. You need to determine the cause of your back ache and look by getting a physical examination as well as x-rays and MRIs if these are needed. Many might be pressed to get the pain cleared but you need to follow the right protocol and avoid causing further damage.


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